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The Center for the Unification of Science and Consciousness (CUSAC) is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation set up by Tom Campbell with a goal of creating the largest, most positive, paradigm shift humanity has ever experienced. Its vision is to unify physics and metaphysics, mind and matter, the normal and the supernormal (established paradoxes that today’s sciences have a fundamental inability to explain). All this will be accomplished within an overarching science of consciousness. Much of the fundamental scientific work has already been accomplished.  Within the next decade or two it is clearly foreseeable that our understanding of the nature of reality (introduced into mainstream human awareness by the science of physics) will begin slowly evolving toward the actualization of CUSAC’s vision.

In June of 2018, CUSAC raised 236,000 US Dollars via a Kickstarter Campaign, but this will only partially fund the initial necessary steps.  The first step is to provide resources to a top-ranked university to perform five quantum physics experiments that have the potential to completely rewrite science in general, and physics in particular, by providing direct and unequivocal evidence that reality is information based rather than space-matter-charge based – a new paradigm that is daily becoming more and more supported by university physics departments worldwide.

Request For Information (RFI) -- the Initial CUSAC grant application that details the physics experiments

On Testing the Simulation Theory, the peer reviewed published paper on Tom's physics experiments

The Videos page has a detailed description of the proposed experiments and why they matter

The Updates page has all the latest news on the status of these experiments 

Donations are still needed to finish all of the experiments

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The unification of science, epistemology, ontology, and cosmology, within the context of consciousness. 

Mission Statement

To create a center where physical, biological, and neuro scientists can effectively collaborate with consciousness researchers, philosophers, and others who could potentially contribute toward the actualization of the collective vision and mission outlined by the following statements. To fully understand and experimentally confirm the logical consequences of an information-based reality. To extend the reach of science into the realm of subjective experience, thus unifying mind and matter within an over-arching understanding of consciousness. To develop fundamental knowledge and understanding, of both the self and the evolving information system that appears to be the source of all reality, through rigorous scientific investigation of both physical reality and consciousness. 

How the CUSAC Logo Was Created

The symbol of The Center for the Unification of Science and Consciousness was created by Tom Campbell, who wanted to join two symbols: The lotus often seen as the fundamental nature of consciousness and the atom, the universal symbol of science. The challenge of joining the two symbols was faced by two world renowned artists in their own right, who volunteered their time and expenses, to help Tom.  Quang Ho created the beautiful flames and how the symbols would be joined, and solved the difficult problem of integrating the two in a continuous flow. David Uhl, in close collaboration with his friend Quang, imagined the beautiful colors that bring the flames to life that you see inside both. The symbol perfectly expresses the theory described in Tom’s My Big TOE (Theory of Everything). It is deeply felt by those involved in the project, that perfection of the new symbol has been achieved. The background color represents the spectrum itself. Each color in the spectrum is individually defined by a particular wavelength, but white is the only one that includes all colors of the spectrum, and thereby expresses an inclusive view of humanity. The symbol (also called the logo) represents the goal of creating the largest, most positive, paradigm shift humanity has ever experienced. 

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