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Physics Experiments Presentation

An introduction to Tom Campbell's physics experiments along with a brief explanation of each experiment for the scientifically inclined and general public.

Physics Experiments Slides - Playlist

Here is a YouTube playlist of the 5 experiments being explained individually, one in each video.

Reality and the Consciousness Connection

Thomas Campbell's talk, Reality and the Consciousness Connection, presented at the Parapsychological Association Symposium, was well received within the panel of other distinguished presenters who also contributed their expertise on the theme The Simulation Hypothesis, Savant Syndrome, and Psi.

Dr. Simon Duan: The Platonic Computer the Universal Machine from which Psi is Generated

Dr SIMON DUAN is founder of Metacomputics Labs that researches a new theoretical framework that unifies consciousness, mind and matter.  Further details on

In collaboration with researchers around the world, Metacomputics model is being applied to develop innovative healing and healthcare, learning and personal development, new materials and processes, clean energy generation and artificial intelligence.

Dr Duan's talk was part of the Parapsychological Association Online Symposium with the theme The Simulation Hypothesis, Savant Syndrome, and Psi.

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