The Unification of Consciousness and Science: Doorway to the Future

Join Thomas Campbell, renowned physicist and author of My Big TOE trilogy, for a groundbreaking exploration of science and consciousness. 


Embassy Suites by Hilton Huntsville

800 Monroe Street Southwest Huntsville, AL 35801 United State

About this event

Participate in the beginnings of a global paradigm shift!  

Join Thomas Campbell, renowned physicist and author of the My Big TOE trilogy, and other leaders in the field of science and consciousness for a groundbreaking exploration of science and consciousness. This exciting event will delve into the profound connection between the nature of reality and the human experience.

Campbell, known for his innovative theories that bridge the gap between physics and metaphysics, will share his unique perspective on the universe as a vast digital information field. Prepare to be challenged as he explores how consciousness interacts with this field, potentially explaining phenomena like remote viewing, near-death experiences, and consciousness' role in the double-slit experiment.

Through thought-provoking presentations and interactive discussions, this event will leave you with a deeper understanding of your own consciousness and its role within the grander scheme of existence. Whether you're a seasoned scientist, a curious explorer of the mind-body connection, or simply someone seeking new answers to the universe's mysteries, this event promises a unique and thought-provoking journey!

More about Tom here.

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Registration opens at 2PM.

Welcome Reception Sunday September 29, 2024 4PM to 6PM

Tom Campbell welcomes you personally to DOORWAY TO THE FUTURE. Meet and greet fellow participants while enjoying hors d'oeuvres and light refreshments. Hard stop at 6PM to rest and explore dinner options in downtown historic Huntsville.

Monday-Thursday: September 30-October 3

Main Ballroom: Presentations and panels 10-12 & 2-4. Featuring Thomas Campbell, Donald Hoffman, Peter Sage, Stephan Schwarz, Rizwan Virk, and more. (See below for presenters bios)

Monroe Institute Meditation Salon: 9AM-5PM

The Monroe Institute is the world's leading education center for the study of human consciousness and the exploration of altered states of consciousness through meditative practices. Retreat to this dedicated space, settle into a gravity chair, don a headset and experience a binaural beats brainwave entrainment mediation journey. Sponstaneous multi-dimensional experiences are common (but not guaranteed!).

The Imaginarium: In the spirit of Einstein’s thrilling maxim that imagination is more important than knowledge, this dynamic space will offer multiple playful, creative, consciousness explorations through music, meditation, movement, and more.


In addition to these daily practices enjoy:

(More creative and playful options are in the works!)

6:30 AM: Coffee & Tea

7 – 8:30 AM: Breakfast (included with hotel registration)

9 – 10:00 AM: "Synergy" Connect with your fellow participants, enjoy an activity in the Imaginarium or The Monroe Institute's Meditation Salon.

10 – 12:00 PM Presentations/Panels

12 – 2:00 PM: Lunch (Enjoy lunch in the Hotel or in Downtown Huntsville)

2 – 4:00 PM: Presentations/Panels

4 – 4:30 PM: Break

4:30 – 6:00 PM Breakouts (dynamic activities in Main Ballroom or Imaginarium)

8-10:00 PM Dancing + playing in the field of consciousness

Activites for the Imaginarium and The Monroe Institute's Meditation Salon will be happening throughout the day. A detailed schedule will be made available closer to the event.

Note: Breakfast is included for participants staying at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Embassy Suites residents are also offered a complimentary evening reception. Lunch will be on your own. Embassy Suites offers the CO/OP Community Table restaurant. Additonally, Huntsville's city center offers numerous wonderful restaurants, cafés, and other options and are within easy walking distance of the hotel. (A listing will be available upon check-in.)


Due to the nature of this special event, all ticket sales are final. This means that refunds cannot be processed. However, we understand that plans can change.

For those of you residing in the US, a perk of attending this special event is the potential to claim a portion of the ticket price on your tax return!

Consider this a chance to not only enjoy an unforgettable experience but also to contribute to

By purchasing a ticket, you're directly supporting research into our nature of reality and making a positive impact. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of something special!


The Imaginarium

The following artists and faciliatators will be presenting in the Imagarium:

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